david_ebersmanWe are not sure how David slept last night. Maybe he had a good night sleep. Or maybe scary nightmares one day before Halloween when being scared to death is almost what you would expect.

David apparently said something he shouldn’t have said. Few words, but sufficient to have a catastrophic impact on Facebook market cap. Because this David is the CFO of Facebook: David Ebersman. During the earnings call yesterday evening David had a chance to report fantastic results primarily on mobile. Those numbers forced the FB stock to skyrocket to an all-time high of $57, adding $18B to the company evaluation. Them out of the blue, David added: “We did see a decrease in daily users specifically among younger teens”. 58 letters resulting into a horrific sequence that reached the ears of analysts attending the calls. The after-market jump of $7+ has evaporated instantaneously, leaving the stock unmodified at $49.

What will happen today when trading resumes? I’m personally confident the stock will move North, and I’m sure David shares the same view. During last night, many have been deeply disappointed: several Porsche, ferrari and Bentley dealers, realtors, marina clubs, …. You understand what I mean, dear David the evaporator, right?


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