Apple EarningsWithout any doubts, an “avalanche” of iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. According to some estimates, more than 20 million units since the debut on September 18th 2014. In the UK, in store purchases are regulated thru an online reservation process, a smart solution reducing endless waits, long lines, and setting the right level of expectations among customers. This tool indirectly provides some clues on what consumers perceive as cool and trendy. Here’s what I found.

In the last two weeks reserving the iPhone 6 Plus has turned out to be a true MI (Mission Impossible). On the contrary, great abundance of iPhone 6 16GB in every color, indicating either over production or the premature death of the low entry model due to the common  perception that that amount of memory is inadequate for the average user.

Color wise, gold/champagne seems less trendy than one year ago. Among the three colors, it is frequently available in the 64GB and 128GB configurations as well. Grey and silver are rarely available, almost always exclusively in the entry level configuration.

What about iPhone 6 Plus? OK, next question. Impossible to find in stores across the UK, waiting time from the Apple online store is currently between three and four weeks. As stated by many analysts and despite all negative comments re to its size, the Plus seem a smashing success in every color, latitude and among every consumer.

Speculations will dissolve on October 20th when Apple will report Q4 FY14 Earnings results.


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