In a previous post I shared how to playback 4K videos on a brand new iPhone 6 powered by the Apple A8 chip. Now it is time to focus on the other side of the game, recording 4K videos. It should be possible and relatively easy with the right app. I chose ProCam because sufficiently easy to use and rich of features at the same time. $1.99 for the basic app and $4.99 for the 4K module on the Apple iTunes US store.

Installing the app is straightforward and adding the 4K module requires an in-app purchase exposed in the video section of the app. Recording is followed by a relatively fast post-processing phase depending on the length of the original video. Files are stored in a 4K Album created by the app and not accessibile from the Photos or Videos standard apps, but exclusively from within ProCam. At least, this is what I’ve been able to achieve so far.

Same issue re to file transfer. Apparently the only way to move files requires connecting to iTunes, selecting the ProCam app and then move the files from the device to the Mac. Not ideal, but doable. Tried as well to activate a Photo Stream, and the transfer went thru successfully.

Video quality seems good, and this solution seems sufficiently convenient to produce HiRes videos with a device constantly in my pocket, a big difference and advantage.

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