My first computer dates back to February 1983. Since that moment, I carefully followed the evolution of hardware and software technologies spending a large amount of my professional and personal time in everything that was new and innovative.

During the last 20+ years the focus has progressively moved towards the Internet, but my passion for the technology remained, actually increased by the proliferation of devices for every day and every use. I like to talk about them, especially by analysing all the implications on the business side and the impact on consumers.

There’s a lot of food for thought as the technology quickly evolves, constantly promoting new services and giving birth to innovative scenery. The media field has been strongly exposed to the changes of behavior in consumers and the technologic innovations, and this is where I intend to focus my attention.

The posts in this blog exclusively represent my thoughts and are in no way linked to my current professional assignment. I hope you’ll find them interesting.

Stefano Maruzzi