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Apple AirPods Pro

Not an accurate technical review of the recently introduced Apple AirPods Pro (dozens available on YouTube), and I do not qualify as an expert. Instead, a personal view and few impressions based on the intense usage of this new wearable device from Apple. Jumping to conclusions, the best headphones I ever had thanks to its flexibility, versatility, ergonomics, and wide range of utilization.

Much smaller than the original AirPods, they look much better because less intrusive and visible externally. Thanks to the rubber tips, they fit perfectly (three different sizes) and offer a tight grip even in harsh conditions, such as running in hot conditions as I often do. Being sweat-proof, a must-have feature for a runner.

The noise cancellation feature is a pleasant surprise. When aboard an airplane, while not as effective as larger headsets covering the entire ear, they represent a remarkable improvement vs. previous models from both Apple and Beats (cannot comment about other brands). Versatility manifests itself in the form of being a single solution spanning from a simple phone call and music to an intense session on the elliptical, avoiding the need to carry multiple headsets to address different needs throughout the day: that’s convenient!

An update to iOS is indispensable to enable advanced functionalities (I now run 13.2.3), including a test to assess the earbud fit to the ear. It turned out that size M was the right for me, and the most efficient in noise reduction while my impression was they were too big. Interactions with the headsets follow the nowadays consolidated actions, with the addition of a soft pinch to enable/disable noise cancellation.

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