Apple has a future except for one

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AAPL chartAt the end of the trading session on July 14th, Apple Inc. is worth over $580B. After reaching the all time record  of $700 dollars per share on September 18 2012 before the 7:1 stock split, Apple has progressively moved towards the $100 target, de facto replicating its best performance ever. Apple has a 1-year low of $59.8157 and a 1-year high of $96.80. Financial firm Canaccord Genuity has raised AAPL target price  from $102.00 to $112.00 in a research note issued to investors on Friday.

Implicitly that means returning to the #1 spot as the largest worldwide publicly traded corporation. For the greatest majority of financial analysts, the stock is a gem, as documented here. Actually not: one analyst is recommending to sell this stock in case you own it. His prediction for the next 12 months are kinda catastrophic: -60%.

He could be right: time will tell! Not an expert, but more confident and I wonder what his opinion will be in September when Apple is expected to introduce a revolutionary iPhone, new Macs, and the long anticipated iWatch.

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