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Apple’s next announcements

WWDC is starting on the 5th of June, the event of Apple dedicated mainly to developers and also to announce new versions and software products. Expectations vary from iOS 11, watchOS 4 and a new version of macOS. There is no certainty even 24 hours before the presentation, except for a common expectation of Siri improvements.

Speaking about hardware, the most solid theories coming from experts of the business seem to reveal new versions of MacBook Air, MacBook and also MacBook Pro.

The most credible rumors claim a maximum quantity of RAM increased for all versions and an upgrade of the most recent micro-processors, hopefully carrying improvements of their performances. A new iPad Pro is also likely, after the latest “innovations” such as pen and keyboard were not able to significantly enhance usefulness and productivity of these devices.

Personally, I would like a lot the introduction of an iMac Pro equipped with state-of-the-art components, in particular video card, communication ports, storage units and CPU. Perhaps in Q4. However, it seems like Mac Pro should be considered obsolete after what Tim Cook stated a few months ago about difficulties in planning upgrades of cylindrical units. What a pity.

Needless to say that everyone expects a new shining iPhone exactly ten years after the introduction of the first model. Some leaks more or less plausible refer about slightly bigger sizes than the actual ones and extended display with embedded Home button. The specifics of iOS 11 will help somehow to better understand what to expect, knowing the tradition is that the launch of the new version always happens on the second half of September.

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