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Best way to upload media content to your iOS device

Bumped into a new app – WALTR – that makes media transfer to an iPhone or iPad as simple as drag and drop. I installed the trial version on my Mac and moved some mp3 files I legitimately downloaded from SoundCloud to my iPhone. It was sufficient to select the file from in Finder, drag it into the WALTR window, and the app did the transfer, including storing the media file in the appropriate location on the device (I found this music file under music, as expected). Despite my iTunes Match subscription, I couldn’t find a better/easier way to transfer those music files to the iPhone.

But WALTR works on video files as well, included formats not natively supported by iOS. Therefore, a cool solution for anyone who might be interested in moving files to mobile devices without wording too much about formats and storage locations. WALTR does everything for you. Worth $14.97 and available for free for 14 days.

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