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Innovation and Apple: is the relationship still going on?

Apple AirPodsThe most revolutionary changes do not always leave a mark in the lives of millions and millions of consumers. Think about Lytro, a camera with dynamic focus capable of solving one of the main problems related to the quality of a picture. Although, the material impact was basically null. 3D TV is another recent overt example.

Sometimes simplicity or incremental evolution results more innovative and successful. Nintendo Wii had inferior graphics compared to Xbox and Play Station, but its natural ease of use was sufficient in order to compensate what seemed an unacceptable lack of technology.

Apple Watch Nike+

Today’s Apple announcements are truly solid and must be interpreted in this very direction. Apple Watch Series 2 seems to properly embrace this innovation concept: making the product waterproof and the implementation of GPS are just two of the features that make this device an unbelievable concentrate of technologies and advanced engineering.

AirPods are another example of the direction taken. Nowadays all media yak – as usual – about the absence of the headphones jack, forgetting that it is a several decades old technology substituted by Lighting, which is more flexible, likewise effective and more suitable to a device such as iPhone 7, anyway. Wireless headphones might be the nemesis of the majority of customers who assume it is extremely easy to lose them, but technologically speaking they are a concrete example of evolution and innovation in a complementary but still fundamental area of the main product. Same consideration should be done for the double lens on the 7 Plus version. The conclusion is very simple, although it is been well known for ages: every time Apple introduces a new incremental version of iPhone, chances of survival of the point and shoot cameras sector gets thinner and thinner.

While I wait for new Macs, I feel satisfied.

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