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Personal Domains: linking your assets

My digital assets are well established by now. This blog – should spend more time writing – and a photographic repository, besides several digital identities on various social media, from Facebook to LinkedIn.

In the last few years, users have developed online habits and familiarized with some concepts. For example, LinkedIn is de facto equivalent of up-to-date professional information. Almost invariably nowadays, before joining a meeting I gather some facts on people I’m expected to meet to get a broader perspective and even some inspiration. Very banale and logical task that could be strengthened by relying on several other digital sources, but pretty common across the industry.

Few days ago GoDaddy – the company I currently work for – has introduced a very simple but conceptually smart and useful new feature: personal domains. This service allows you to link a domain to a social media page so that it can be reached and referred in a  very straightforward way. My professional profile on LinkedIn is somehow equivalent to my resume. I decided to buy the domain and to point it to my personal page. Considering the main driver to visit LinkedIn consists in accessing professional information, the .info domain seemed to me the most logical solution. Therefore I bought this domain and linked it to my LinkedIn profile. Now by typing you can access my page in a  very friendly way. Nothing extraordinary, but it works and makes sense.

When am I using this new domain? In general, every time i have to introduce myself. It happens often by email, primarily with international contacts. From now onwards I’ll include (easy, simple to understand, self-explanatory) directly in the email body. Another scenario is my digital signature where all my contact details show up.

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