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Playing 4K videos on iPhone 6 and 6 Plus

Wanted to test a 4K video on my iPhone 6. Apparently it shouldn’t work: 4K resolution is not a feature of the recently launched last generation of the iPhone. But according to what reported by several media organizations (here’s an article from Forbes), there new A8 chip powering both iPhone 6 is capable to playback 4K videos.

First I needed a 4K video. At the moment I do not have a 4K device. I’ve been considering the brand new GoPro Black Edition as a replacement to my current GoPro, but then came to conclusion it is probably not what I want/need right now. Therefore I went hunting for 4K videos, and bumped into an entire library on YouTube. At this URL ( I found what I was looking for: a 4K utility for Mac to download 4K videos. The rich download section is where you should go.

405MB for a 3 minute video is the result of my download process. Seems relatively small considering what reported on multiple sites, but the file generated from the download seems to sport the correct 3840 x 2160 resolution.

WALTR, the utility from Softorino described here, was instrumental to easily transfer the video on my iPhone 6, and later iPad Air 2. The result? Simply stunning!!!

Totally convinced I need to switch to 4K resolution, still not sure if GoPro – basically the only affordable solution in these days – is the right choice for me. In the meantime, I’ll enjoy some 4K videos on my iOS devices, scouting the market for some nice 4K cameras.

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