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Video animation for the masses

Written communication historically has been a necessary detour from human’s preferred method: visual images. The lack of technology forced civilization to communicate and preserve knowledge in written texts, a solution valid today and at the very heart of modern civilization. Frankly, videos have much higher intrinsic values and a proven efficacy when you intend to share some concepts with other people. Besides the advantages of broad distribution thank to wide spread social platforms, messages, concepts and ideas take a new level when expressed in a video format. An incredible selection of video editing softwares for almost every platform (i.e. Mac, PC, iOS, …) at affordable costs (if not free) have further reduced the entrance barrier, only few years ago a sector exclusively  reserved for pros with expensive hardware and very sophisticated software solutions. Nowadays the scenario is quite different, as part of the continuos “democratization” of technologies and advances in software development. This short piece perfectly describes the evolution in photo editing software in the last 25 years.

To prove how video production is nowadays equivalent to affordable, professional and very impactful solutions, it is sufficient to explore the category of video animation softwares. Also known as explainer videos, this category encompasses any form of video from educational to product description, from entertainment to pure promotional content, from tutorials to content marketing. These tools are built around the DIY (Do It Yourself) concept, empowering anyone with a dose of creativity to move from ideas to a final product in a matter of hours at best.

Each software offers a drawing canvas to be populated with objects coming from thematic libraries of static and animated objects, transforming the creative process in a simple drag and drop exercise. This video on the Cannes Film Festival illustrates how an animated DIY video could look like. Cost vary (search for video animation software) from free to yearly plans of less than $300 with unlimited number of videos, free exports and access to a wide range of libraries.

Creativity the only limit, even for those with limited budgets.

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