Internet Online Population by market. Trivia solution

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According to a recent deck by KPCB, these are the online population per market:

  • China              513
  • India              121
  • Indonesia           55
  • Philippines         34
  • Nigeria             45
  • Mexico              42
  • Russia              61
  • Iran                37
  • Turkey              36

All these values are above Italy’s 31M monthly users estimates. Come back one year from now, and the list of markets with greater online population than Italy will be even longer, reflecting the local technological immaturity. Clearly, these are becoming priority markets for international corporations re to investments, allocation of resources, staffing and more. As a term of comparison:

  • UK online population is estimated at 52.7M or 84.1% of total inhabitants.
  • France online population (50M) accounts for 77% of total population;
  • Spain online population (30.6M) reaches 65.6% of the entire country;
  • Germany with 67.7M tops 82.7%.
If the 35.8M value assigned to Italy is correct – local estimates are lower – Italy would be ahead of the Philippines in the previous list.

Well done to those who got it right!

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